Apartments for Rent
TMI Properties has apartments available at different price points. We have 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments in Lowell and Dracut MA.
Call us at (978) 937-3033 to speak with a leasing agent on availability. We email individualized applications to all who request one. All are welcomed to apply.

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  5. Pet Policy
  6. Off street parking policy

Virtual Tours

357 Pawtucket St. Lowell MA - The Residences at the Franco

View virtual tour for the Luxury Residences at the Franco

725 Merrimack St. Lowell MA

View virtual tour for 725 Merrimack St.

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Pricing and Availability

Starting pricing for various TMI Properties locations:

725 Merrimack St
$1595/1 bed
$1795/2 bed
$2095/3 bed

357 Pawtucket St (Franco)
$1895/1 bed
$2350/2 bed
$2500/3 bed
$3800/4 bed

Beaver Brook Village, Dracut
$1895/1 bed
$1995/2 bed
$2400/3 bed

All other locations
$1400/1 bed
$1500/2 bed
$1900/3 bed

What's included?

Generally, all utilities, including water and sewer, are separately metered.

Some apartments have gas and electric, others are all electric. Contact us for more information.

Contact Information

Call us at 978 937 3033 to schedule a tour.

Speak with a Leasing Agent

Pet Policy

Up to two (2) cats allowed at all locations except The Suites in the Ayer Mansion, which is no pets. No fish, dogs, animals, birds, reptiles, or any other living creature allowed. Unauthorized pets removed at lessee's expense and is grounds for immediate lease termination. There are no fees or extra security deposits for pets. There are no fees or extra security deposits for service animals.

Off Street Parking Policy

Off street parking is limited. Any vehicle may be towed at any time, including any vehicle that is unregistered or inoperable. Off street parking is a privilege. Generally, parking is unassigned unless parking becomes limited, at that time, those with a history of on-time rent payment will be allocated up to 1 space per bedroom. Extra spaces available for a monthly fee.